Board Of Directors

  • Lynda Colley
    Lynda Colley Chairperson

    “I am so grateful for the support
    our family received from
    DSORC and I know firsthand
    how essential the service is that
    the Society provides to families
    in our area.”

  • Mike Lupiano
    Mike Lupiano

    “The Dementia Society has the
    staff and the experience to help
    families and caregivers with
    much needed guidance, during
    an extremely difficult emotional
    phase of life.”

  • Cynthia MacKay
    Cynthia MacKay

    “In 2005 my husband’s Opa was
    diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
    Luckily I was able to connect
    with the DSORC and was
    reassured right away. I am proud
    to be part of this group.”

  • Paul Morton
    Paul Morton Treasurer

    “My dad had dementia for seven years, and The Dementia Society was a huge help for our family. I want to do as much as I can to help other families in Ottawa who are going through a similar experience.”

  • Louise Laramée
    Louise Laramée Secretary

    “As a cardiologist, I spent my career looking after vascular disease. My mother had dementia and I am very grateful for all the support, programs and expertise of The Dementia Society. She was fully supported in French, her mother tongue.  I joined the Board because I wanted to give back in any capacity that I can.”

  • Zaineb Al-Kutoby
    Zaineb Al-Kutoby

    ” I had several family members who lived dementia, it was not easy but we all can learn for each other experiences.”

  • Scott Kuehn
    Scott Kuehn Vice-Chair

    “I have seen the toll dementia can take on families, with several close relatives enduring long battles with dementia. The Dementia Society fulfills a critical role supporting those suffering from dementia, whether directly or indirectly, and it is an honor to serve as a member of this organization.”

  • Anne Hennessy
    Anne Hennessy

    “Dementia frequently leads to a long slow loss of one’s loved one. This is especially challenging for the carer or caregiver.

    Caregivers are my heroes. As a longtime psychiatrist to the elderly, and having had direct experience of the impact of dementia on my family, I’m delighted to contribute to the board of The Dementia Society!”

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