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Our Story

Many people experience symptoms of dementia long before they receive a dementia diagnosis. As such they may be relieved to finally understand what is “going on” yet for others, the diagnosis creates fear and worry. What does it all mean, what does it mean for my spouse, partner, family, friends and future? All of these thoughts are natural and expected, yet they need not overwhelm. The Dementia Society is here to walk with you and your family, to understand your goals and help you live them. We are your own community of support.

The majority of people who approach us for help, or are referred, are walking the dementia journey as a caregiver, spouse, child or close friend. On other occasions, an individual who has been diagnosed with dementia will connect to us. With some funding from the Local Health Integration Network (Ontario Ministry of Health) and particularly with the support and generosity of many donors, we provide a number of programs and services for people impacted by dementia. Some programs are solely for caregivers, others are for caregivers and their loved ones.

How do we help?

Our dementia care coaches (DCC) offer a variety of services to support your unique needs. Of paramount importance is listening and offering caring, supportive counsel in addition to information and education about dementia and the caregiver role. Our coaches will refer you to relevant available services and help navigate the health and social care system.
As a community resource, The Dementia Society offers a range of social, recreational and caregiver peer support to over 5,500 people every year and receives the support of thousands of donors, volunteers and supporters to sustain our efforts. This is truly a community organization working for its community.

Dementia caregivers have a unique role with specific needs

Being a caregiver is a unique role and of paramount importance in supporting any person living with dementia. As a caregiver, you have much responsibility yet you may not always feel prepared or able. Sometimes you may feel that you don’t even have a choice. We are here as your community of support. Some of the reasons why caregivers connect with us are:

  • They want to be ready for coming challenges and learn strategies for dealing with the effects of dementia, at different stages.
  • They are often the coordinator of care and need help navigating the health and social services sectors; to find the right and best kinds of supports for the person with dementia they are helping.
  • Above all, a caregiver is not only planning and organizing and coping and feeling about the one they are looking after … they have a whole raft of needs of their own.
  • Their health, well-being, stress levels, understanding, coping ability, decision making, and above all inner peace all need support so in turn, they can carry on in one of the toughest and most important things they’ll ever do.

Whether you are a caregiver, a person with a diagnosis of dementia, a professional in the area of senior care or dementia support, or just an individual who is interested in learning more … we are here. Ready to see you at our offices, have a telephone call, welcome you to an educational, social or peer support program or direct you to places and resources you need. The Dementia Society is your own community of support.

No One Should Face Dementia Alone

Sometimes we are asked “But don’t you help people with dementia directly?” and of course, we can and do. A person with a diagnosis of dementia may find many of our resources helpful, the education programs too, and our counsellors are certainly ready to help in any way needed.
But one of the main ways we help people with dementia is through the help and guidance we offer to their family members and caregiver, who play such an important role in coordinating and providing support and care.
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