Mackenzie Breeze Bone: Dementia advocate from baby to Benefit For Baba

“You shouldn’t be scared just because his filing cabinet fell over!” Mackenzie Breeze Bone, age 4 Mackenzie Breeze Bone was an indignant four-year-old. A volunteer at a [...]


Danielle Barrette-Marcuccio: The Support Group’s Support Group

When her husband John was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) in 2015, it was the first time Danielle Barrette-Marcuccio had ever heard of the disease. Dementia itself was something she [...]


A New Type of Dementia is Categorized

A new, never-before studied type of dementia has been discovered. It is being called LATE dementia (this is an acronym for Limbic-predominant age-related TDP-43 encephalopathy). LATE presents [...]


Pembroke Balloon Pop raises $1,220!

                “Yes, yes, I’ve been taking my medicine” was the response Bettyanne Brown would always get. Her mother [...]


“Caregivers are Heroes”: Talking National Dementia Strategy

With the release of Canada’s $50 Million National Dementia Strategy, Dr. Andrew Frank of the Bruyère Memory Program spoke with Rob Snow on 580 CFRA. Dr. Frank said he was pleased that the [...]


A Memorial Event To Remember

Joanna Ostrow MacDonald left a remarkable legacy. She wrote a best-selling novel, In the Highlands since Time Immemorial. She knew Ken Kesey at school, and went to some of his  “electric Kool-Aid [...]


A fortuitous email

This Sunday, Amédée Levesque would have been celebrating Father’s Day. Sadly though, he passed away in 2014, after four years of living with dementia. His family holds Amédée in their hearts, and [...]


Jim, Mary Lynne, Tara, Diana, and Laura Holton: a family affair

Growing up, I loved visiting the Holtons. Tara was one of my best friends, and she had two great sisters, Diana and Laura. But another huge draw was her parents Jim and Mary Lynne, who fed me. [...]


Walk For Dementia 2019 Photo Gallery: Volume 2

These photos taken by our amazing volunteer Judith Madill. Thank you Judith!


A wonderful Mother’s Day surprise

A while ago, we brought you the story of Selene Commerford. Caregiver to her husband and her mom, who live one floor apart in a long-term care facility in the East end of Ottawa. Radio host [...]