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Request for Proposal: Education Advisor and Content Developer

The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County is a non-profit, charitable organization that links individuals living with dementia—including Alzheimer’s Disease—and their families to support, education, and resources so that they do not face dementia alone.

In 2022, The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County was awarded a grant by The Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario, to undertake a digital transformation of its’ educational assets.

Over 24,000 people are currently living with a dementia diagnosis in Ottawa and Renfrew County. This figure is expected to double by 2030. There is strong evidence to support that providing education and support in the early stages of the disease helps identify opportunities for better care, better prepares families for the future with informed and supported decision-making, and helps people to articulate their values and preferences to inform care.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, the Dementia Society suspended all but a handful of in-person support activities. From delivering multiple weekly in-person support groups, recreation, social and education programs across the greater Ottawa area and rural Renfrew County, we shifted approximately 95% of programs and services online.

This experience in the virtual world, in-pandemic client feedback, and information about adult learning suggests that a learner-centered, hybrid model of live and online self-paced learning modules would be more effective for learners and the organization alike. A new, more flexible competency-based model will help ensure that we equip more people with the skills required to confidently face the demands of dementia.

To this end, we are seeking a subject matter expert in adult education design to drive this transformation. The result of this transformation will be meaningful change in how Dementia Society education is delivered, notably by:

  • Optimizing content and media for educational consumption and application of learning;
  • Enabling The Dementia Society to reach a greater number and diversity of people to better serve our community; and
  • Automating curriculum offerings for greater client and organizational efficiency, and scalability.

This position requires a high-degree of autonomy, a foundation in (adult) education principles and practice, and demonstrated knowledge of adult online, interactive self-paced learning design and deployment. Work must be completed by March 31, 2022.

For more information, please download the full RFP here.

RFP: Education Consultant and Digital Education Transformation

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