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Dementia Link

We provide support that is tailored to the individual needs of the person with dementia and their caregiver at any stage and at any age. We provide individual and family supportive counselling to persons with dementia and their caregivers, support self-management goals and strengthen linkages between providers across the continuum of care.

Dementia Link is designed to support persons with dementia, caregivers, and their families at the point of diagnosis or at any point along the journey. Dementia Care Coaches provide information, coordinate referrals and support in a direct client service role. The Dementia Link program encourages individuals to develop confidence and hope by providing:

  • Individual screening, assessment and care planning
  • Education, support and referral to specialized geriatric programs
  • Navigation of the care system and referral to other community support services.
  • Strategies for self-management
  • Assistance in reducing social isolation by connection people to social programs.

To get help now call 613-523-4004 and ask to speak to a Dementia Care Coach or fill out our request for help form and a Dementia Care Coach will reach out shortly.

Living with Dementia

Similar in content and approach to  “Supporting Dementia” program, this version is offered to persons with dementia accompanied by their caregiver.  Covering topics such as “Living Well with Memory Changes” the focus of learning and discussion is the unique experience of the diagnosed individual as well as on the caregiver/person with dementia partnership (couples, parent/child or other).  Topics include reviewing the impact of dementia on communication, relationships and lifestyle.  Information will be provided on care resources and options.  The group will also explore issues such as dealing with denial, anger, depression and other psycho-social impacts of dementia and above all around developing strategies, together, for facing challenges ahead.  Participation in this program may be followed by involvement in the monthly gathering “Connections”.

Offered free of charge quarterly.  Suitable for individuals in the early to mid-stages of dementia and their primary caregiver (spouse, partner, child, grandchild etc.)

Info and Registration:

Living with Dementia (Ottawa East)

Living with Dementia (Ottawa West)

Living with Dementia (Kanata)

Living with Dementia (Renfrew County)

Supporting dementia (caregivers only)

This two session interactive group program provides an opportunity for caregivers of people with Alzheimer disease and other dementia’s to review information and learn managing strategies related to the demands they face in their caregiver role as well as regarding “responsive behaviours”.  Communication strategies, identifying, preventing and coping with stress, accessing respite and other support interventions will also be discussed and where appropriate used in role play and group exercises.

Offered free of charge.  Suitable for active caregivers of people with dementia interested in learning and accessing support and peer interaction, without their care partner in attendance.

Info and Registration:

Supporting Dementia (Arnprior)

Making the Decision/Understanding and Accessing Home and Community Care

Two part lecture series delivered by the Home and Community Care LHIN (formerly the Community Care Access Centre) providing a review of various long term care options, facilities, eligibility, costs etc.

Free of charge.  Offered two to three times annually as per The Dementia Society Calendar.

Info and Registration:

Making the Decision / Understanding and Accessing Home and Community Care – Fall

Managing Late Stage Dementia

Two part lecture series focused on the condition, care needs, communication strategies and behaviour and pain management for individuals in later stages of dementia.

Free of charge, delivered periodically as per The Dementia Society Calendar.


We provide education and training on dementia and available support services for persons with dementia, caregivers, and their families. Our education programs are designed to support the specific needs of persons living with dementia, caregivers, and their families. Informed by current research and contemporary practice, our education forms a learning pathway to help improve the quality of support and quality of life experienced by people living with dementia and their caregivers.

Dementia Basics

This six session public lecture series provides an overview of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia’s including diagnoses, classification, symptomology and common characteristics and behaviours and response strategies.  A review of available interventions and supports in Ottawa is provided as well as information regarding common caregiver roles, responses and challenges.

Suitable for caregivers, adult learners, front line social service or health care workers.  

Offered free of charge – parking available at a cost of $7 per session.

Info and Registration:

Dementia Basics – Fall Evening Sessions

Support Groups and Social Programs

Our facilitated support groups provide an opportunity for persons with dementia and caregivers to share their experiences with others while learning new coping strategies.

Participating in social programs helps strengthen the sense of belonging and prevents isolation. The Dementia Society provides a variety of social programs that include:

Between us

Education / discussion for young onset dementia patients and their caregiver.


Education / discussion for 65+ persons with dementia and their caregiver.

Info and Registration:

Connections (East Ottawa)

Connections (Kanata)

Connections (West Ottawa)

Let's Get Moving!

A program offering once-weekly gentle exercise and good fun for dementia partners (caregiver and person with dementia).  An eight week session is offered four times a year in four different locations in Ottawa. Classes are led by qualified fitness instructors from the City of Ottawa.

Let’s Get Moving (Orleans) – Fall

Let’s Get Moving (Heron) – Fall

Let’s Get Moving (Kanata) – Fall

Let’s Get Moving (Churchill) – Fall

Music Programs

Join us to make music and socialize in weekly music groups for persons with dementia and their caregivers. Music has the incredible power to move us both emotionally and physically. These groups are led by musical directors who use music and song as means to improve social connection, wellbeing and quality of life for persons with dementia and for their caregivers. No musical background is required to join these enjoyable and upbeat groups.


Group leaders Chris White and Moe Archambault use rhythm, song, gesture, dance and humour to engage participants in a spirit of friendship and fun. Activities include singing songs with and without words and actions; playing drums, kazoos and shakers; and making up new songs.  Participants have the opportunity to express themselves in a supportive environment, and have described their experience as having a variety of cognitive and emotional benefits.

Turquoise (Ottawa South) – Fall


Participants gather in a safe, welcoming, supportive and bright environment to sing both familiar and new songs, accompanied by the song leader Jennifer Noxon on guitar. Lyrics are provided in an ever-growing songbook that pulls from a variety of eras and musical styles i.e. light jazz, folk, swing, country, modern and traditional roots music. Each session starts with a gentle physical and vocal warm-up that helps bring one’s awareness to the breath, posture, body, and voice. Percussion instruments are available for those who like to ‘keep the beat’. Participants sit in a semi-circle format to sing. There’s a short break in the 1.5 hour session when individuals can catch up or share info with others. The program has been described as providing excellent stimulation for the mind and the memory. All levels of ability are welcome Drop-ins are welcome for those who would like to give it a try.

Circle of Song (Nepean) – Fall


Group leader Nigel Harris creates movement and excitement using drumming wherever he goes. As chief cook and bottle washer of Musical Wellness since 2003, Nigel is a catalyst for creating the positive energy shift that happens to people through drumming and music.

Join this program and discover that singing is fun, stimulates memory recall, brings people out of isolation and creates community. The session closes with a guided meditation to ground participants before going home.

Hearts in Tune

Lunch bunch

Lovely social time for dementia partners (caregiver and person with dementia) to spend time with others, enjoy a meal and social interaction in a safe and welcoming space.  

Info and Registration:

Lunch Bunch (East)

Lunch Bunch (Kanata)

Coffee Club

Monthly informal gathering in Renfrew County.


Guided art tours in partnership with the National Gallery of Canada.

Caregiver Support Groups

The famous American orator Robert Ingersoll declaimed “We rise by lifting others”.  This is the sentiment at the heart of our three peer support programs at The Dementia Society.

Offered in five locations (+ one francophone group) our Caregiver Support Groups are led by a volunteer and provide an opportunity for small groups of caregivers to meet once a month to discuss issues and challenges.

Info and Registration:

Caregiver Support Group (Royal Canadian Legion)

Caregiver Support Group (Eastern Ottawa)

Caregiver Support Group (Villagia in the Glebe)

Caregiver Support Group (Carefor – Carling Ave.)

Caregiver Support Group (Carefor – Belfast Road)

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