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Dementia Link

Dementia Link is the program through which we provide support that is tailored to the individual needs of the person with dementia and their caregiver at any stage of dementia and at any age. We provide supportive individual and family counselling to persons with dementia and their caregivers, support self-management goals and strengthen linkages between providers across the continuum of care.

Dementia Link TM is designed to support persons with dementia, caregivers, and their families at the point of diagnosis or at any point along the journey. Dementia Care Coaches provide information, coordinate referrals and support in a direct client service role. The Dementia Link program encourages individuals to develop confidence and hope by providing:

  • Individual screening, assessment and care planning
  • Education, support and referral to specialized geriatric programs
  • Navigation of the care system and referral to other community support services.
  • Strategies for self-management
  • Assistance in reducing social isolation by connecting people to social programs.

To get help now call Ottawa: 613-523-4004 and Renfrew County: 888-411-2067 and ask to speak to a Dementia Care Coach or fill out our request for help form and a Dementia Care Coach will reach out shortly.

What Is A Dementia Coach?

A Dementia Care Coach provides expert support to improve the quality of life of care partners, families and people living with dementia. We work with people and families impacted by all types of dementia, including but not limited to Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, young onset dementia, frontotemporal dementia, and dementia with Lewy bodies.

Dementia Care Coaches work with you at every stage along the dementia journey by providing support, education, and referral. A Dementia Care Coach can support you as you face the challenges of today and tomorrow with improved confidence.

Dementia is experienced differently by each person and our work seeks to recognise and respond individually to your changing needs.

How A Dementia Care Coach Can Help

When you are struggling to cope, we are here to help you and your loved one by providing support, education, and referral to appropriate services for additional care.

If you have questions, we will take the time to help you understand. We will be sure to help find an answer or guide you in the right direction.

If you are a care partner or family member, we will help you develop the skills and techniques you need to stay connected with the person you love and support.

Dementia Link Learning Series

Please note: Inclement weather (heavy snow, freezing rain, tornado, excessive heat, etc) conditions may force the cancellations of our programs for safety reasons. At such times, we will contact known participants by e-mail to inform of the cancellation, with a request to respond. 

Veuillez prendre note que les conditions météorologiques défavorable (Neige abondante, pluie verglaçante, tornade, chaleur extrême, etc.) peuvent forcer l’annulation de nos programmes pour des raisons de sécurité. Dans de telles situations, un courriel sera envoyé aux participants connues pour les informer de l’annulation contenant un lien de confirmation.

Living with Dementia

The Dementia LinkTM The Dementia Link Living With Dementia learning series is designed specifically for people in the early stage of dementia, their family members and friends. This learning series will provide participants with information, support, and an opportunity to meet others in a similar situation. This learning series uses a positive approach and focuses on maintaining and enhancing skills and abilities for now and in the future.

Participants will have the opportunity to obtain information and resources, ask and have questions answered, talk with others in a similar situation, discuss experiences and express their feelings in a safe environment.

The Dementia Link TM  Living with Dementia learning series occurs over three 1.5 hour sessions and participants receive a workbook of information and resources to take home.

Please contact a Dementia Care Coach, or one of our two phone lines for
information and registration.

Supporting Dementia

The Dementia Link™ Supporting Dementia learning series is for caregivers of persons with dementia. This learning series will provide caregivers with information about symptoms that may accompany the progression of dementia and strategies for support.

Caregivers will gain information, support, and have an opportunity to discuss experiences and express their feelings in a safe environment. Using a positive approach, Supporting Dementia focuses on maintaining and enhancing caregiver skills and abilities for now and in the future.

Sessions will provide you with information about:

  • The progression of dementia
  • Communication and behaviour strategies
  • Caregiver resiliency strategies

The Dementia Link™ Supporting Dementia learning series occurs over two 2-hour sessions.

Making the Decision: Understanding and Accessing Home and Community Care

Two part lecture series co-facilitated by the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) and a Dementia Care Coach. This session guides caregivers through key aspects of the decision-making process, as they consider whether or not to move their family member to long-term care.

Caregivers will also receive information on care services like home care and long-term care including application processes and eligibility criteria for these services.


We provide education and training about dementia and available support services for people living with dementia, caregivers, and their families. Our education programs are designed to support the specific needs of persons living with dementia, caregivers, and their families.

Informed by current research and contemporary practice, our education forms a learning pathway to help improve the quality of support and quality of life experienced by people living with dementia and their caregivers.

Dementia Basics

This six session public lecture series provides an overview of Alzheimer’s disease and other
dementias including diagnoses, classification, symptomology and common characteristics and behaviours and response strategies.

A review of available interventions and supports in Ottawa is provided as well as information regarding common caregiver roles, responses and challenges. Suitable for caregivers, adult learners, front line social service or health care workers.

Financial Information For Caregivers

The Financial Information for Caregivers session discusses a variety of financial topics pertinent to those in a care partner role, or a family member. We will explore some of the financial management challenges unique to caregivers, such as Power of Attorney for Property.

Online Education

The Science of Dementia

Dr. Frank Knoefel is a dementia expert and a physician at the Bruyère Memory Program, Bruyère Continuing Care. On July 11, 2019, Dr. Knoefel walks us through the aging Brain, the various types of dementia, and finishes with some information on research and finding a cure.

Science de la Démence

Le Dr. Frank Knoefel est specialiste des troubles cognitifis aur Programme de la memoire Bruyere. Le 11 Juillet, 2019 Dr. Knoefel a presenté les sujets du vieillissement du cerveau et des différents types de démences, de l’information sur la recherche et les efforts en vue de trouver un remède pour la maladie.

Physical Activity, Brain Health and Dementia

There is growing evidence supporting that people can reduce their risk of cognitive decline by adopting key lifestyle habits. This module focuses on the healthy lifestyle habit of physical activity and touches on additional ways to be brain healthy. It is never too early or too late to take steps to keep our brains healthy.


Activité physique, la santé du cerveau, et démence

Il y a de plus en plus de données probantes montrant que l’adoption de saines habitudes de vie permet de réduire le risque de déclin cognitif. Ce module souligne l’importance de l’activité physique dans un mode de vie sain et propose divers moyens de maintenir, voire d’améliorer la santé du cerveau. Il n’est jamais trop tôt ni trop tard pour agir!

​​​​​​​Cliquez ici pour débuter le module d’apprentissage

Adjusting to Long Term Care: Moving in and Making the Transition

Moving a family member into a Long Term Care home can evoke many different emotions – including guilt, sadness, relief, or even second thoughts. This online module is designed to follow the transition process of moving a family member into Long Term Care and is presented in three sections: preparing for the move, moving day, and ongoing adjusting.

PART 1: Preparing for the Move

PART 2: Moving Day

PART 3: Adjusting

La transition vers les soins de longue durée: le déménagement et l’adaptation

La décision de placer un proche dans un centre de soins de longue durée peut susciter toute une gamme d’émotions – culpabilité, tristesse, soulagement, etc. Certains remettent même en question cette décision. Ce module en ligne, qui porte sur le processus de transition vers un centre de soins de longue durée, comprend trois sections : la préparation en vue du déménagement, le jour du déménagement et l’adaptation continue.

PARTIE 1: La preparation en vue du demenagemen

PARTIE 2: La jour de déménagement

PARTIE 3: L’adaptation

Care Partner Support Groups

Our care partner support groups are designed to help educate care partners with up-to-date information that can help improve their quality of life as well as the life of the person with dementia who they are supporting.

Support groups provide a safe environment where everyone can learn, express, and manage emotions, and help each other via mutual understanding and support. Support groups are collaborative and are led by a Dementia Care Coach and a volunteer. Drop-ins are welcome at any location.

Ottawa Support Groups

Renfrew County Support Groups

Care Partner And Person Living With Dementia Support Groups

Our care partner and persons living with dementia support groups provide a safe environment where people can support one another by sharing their thoughts, ideas, frustrations, and coping strategies in a caring, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Support group meetings begin with providing an opportunity for everyone to share with one another what is most important to them. The group is formatted so that both caregivers and persons with dementia have an opportunity to speak with one another about their individual concerns and strategies. These support groups are also collaboratively lead by a Dementia Care Coach and a trained volunteer.

Call and ask to speak to a Dementia Care Coach today for registration details, and for information about which group best fits your needs.


This collaborative support group is specifically for those who are 65 years and older. We have three locations across Ottawa, including Ottawa East, Kanata, and Ottawa West.

Between us

This collaborative support group is specifically for people living with young onset dementia (persons under the age of 65). In this support group, we will additionally discuss unique challenges faced by people living with young onset dementia and their caregivers.


Coffee Clubs and Memory Cafés are offered throughout Renfrew County, including Arnprior, Barry’s Bay, Pembroke, Eganville, Deep River, and Renfrew.

Social And Recreational Programs

Many persons with dementia appreciate having more social contact and being able to remain engaged in their community. Participating in group activities reinforces a sense of belonging and reduces social isolation for persons with dementia and their care partners.

Our social and recreation programs are adjusted to the needs of individuals and are respectful of the uniqueness of their journey. We offer a range of activities designed to enhance social engagement, physical well-being, and creative expression for people living with dementia and their care partners.


Motiview is an easy-to use motivational tool that stimulates individuals with dementia to be more physically and cognitively active. Using bicycle floor pedals, video, sound and music, participants can take a fun cycling trip through familiar surroundings and favourite travel destinations.

Take your pick! In one session join us for a journey down the Rideau Canal, and the next across the Italian Countryside!

Let's Get Moving

Let’s Get Moving is a weekly exercise class designed for people living with dementia and their caregivers. Each class is led by a qualified fitness instructor, and focusses on functional exercises, designed to enhance cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance and stretching.

Exercise classes can often be adapted to your own needs, and to the needs of the group.

Arts And Minds

Art and creativity abound in a casual, comfortable, and supportive environment for people living with dementia and their caregivers. Each session involves instruction, and participants are encouraged to copy from a reference or use their own creativity to produce works that are meaningful to them.

Based on the interests and the abilities of the participants, Arts and Minds uses different media to create inspiring art each week.

Lunch bunch

This collaborative social outing is for care partners and persons with dementia to spend time with others, enjoy a meal and connect. The group helps to create a sense of belonging and understanding in a safe and welcoming environment.

Reach out to a Dementia Care Coach for information or learn more about the next upcoming lunch bunch date here.


Group leaders Chris White and Moe Archambault use rhythm, song, gesture, dance and humour to engage participants in a spirit of friendship and fun. Activities include singing songs with and without words and actions; playing drums, kazoos and shakers; and making up new songs.

Participants have the opportunity to express themselves in a supportive environment, and have described their experience as having a variety of cognitive and emotional benefits.

Side By Side

The Side by Side program involves participants in singing, playing instruments and movement that will lift spirits, stimulate memory recall and build friendships. With a repertoire of many musical styles, song leader/guitarist Tom Plant will spark the memory of lyrics from years gone by as well as teach new, easy to learn songs.

Participants will be able to request favourite songs, share stories and jokes in a supportive, light-hearted hour and a half of fun. Percussion instruments, dance and actions may be added as we become engaged in a musical journey together.

Circle Of Song

We will gather in a safe, welcoming, supportive and bright environment to sing both familiar and new songs, accompanied by song leader Jennifer Noxon on guitar. Lyrics are provided in an ever-growing songbook that pulls from a variety of eras and musical styles like jazz, folk, swing, country, modern and traditional roots music.

Each session starts with a gentle physical and vocal warm-up that helps bring one’s awareness to the breath, posture, body, and voice. Percussion instruments are available for those who like to keep the beat. We will then sit in a semi-circle format to sing together.

There’s a short break in the 1.5 hour session when individuals can catch up or share info with others. The program has been described as providing excellent stimulation for the mind and the memory. All levels of ability are welcome Drop-ins are welcome for those who would like to give it a try! Circle of Song is offered at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 593.

Spark! and Rayon d'art

In collaboration with the National Gallery of Canada, The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County invites individuals living with dementia and their caregivers to conversation-based tours about art. Everyone is encouraged to share their insights and enjoy art in a safe, welcoming and inspiring setting.

These tours provide opportunities for people living with dementia to experience “in the moment” pleasure as they consider art and connect with others. Learn more from your Dementia Care Coach or sign up today. Spaces are limited and registration is free but required.

Join us for a monthly tour from October 2019 to April 2020 (excluding December):

SPARK! (English) sessions occur on the 2nd Tuesday of the month between 1:30 and 3:00 pm.
Rayon d’art (French) sessions occur on the last Tuesday of the month between 1:30 and 3:00 pm.

Arabic Language Programs

البرامج باللغة العربية :
تعمل جمعية الديمنشيا في أوتاوا جاهدةً على توسيع دائرة الدعم و الخدمات المقدمة لتلبي الحاجات المتزايدة للمجتمع متعدد الثقافات في
مدينة أوتاوا.
و لذلك يس ُرنا أن نعلن عن البرامج التثقيفية و اإلجتماعية الترفيهية المتاحة للمجتمع العربي في أوتاوا.

The Dementia Society is working hard to expand services and support to meet the needs of our growing multicultural community. We are excited to share the following education and social programs available to our Arabic-speaking neighbours.

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