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Motiview, by Miriam

Miriam Goubran at her research lab at Bruyère

I’ve been involved with the Dementia Society’s Motiview Program since its inception in June 2019. In my experience co-facilitating it, I’ve been able to witness firsthand its amazing benefits to its users as illustrated by the following testimony. On Inauguration Day, this couple came and as I introduced myself, the person with dementia instead of telling me his name, he told me he has dementia and all the ways it limits him and that he doesn’t expect to be capable to do this program. About half an hour later, he was pedaling up a storm. As we “travelled” to BC, it brought back a lot of wonderful memories of the adventures he had with his wife there. During the break, I had to yank the pedals from his feet to get him to take a break.

I think this program needs more locations, so that as many people as possible can take advantage of this awesome piece of technology. I most definitely want to stay involved with it to be able to witness firsthand many more stories like this! As we begin to find additional locations to offer this program, it is important that they be central (like Good Companion) so they could attract as many people as possible!

What I especially love about this is that people get to travel anywhere in the world without the need to pay airfare! In fact, one of our favourite games to play is “where in the world are we?”.


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