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Holiday tips for caregivers

Easter weekend is here, and we wanted to share a few tips for caregivers to people with dementia that could help in the holiday season: Keep it simple – too many people, too much noise, and too [...]


Volunteer Week Spotlight: Baker Tilly, the Accounting Team that Walks The Walk

Rosa Maria Iuliano had her hands full. She was at the Walk For Dementia with her baby daughter Ida, volunteering at the registration table with her accounting firm Baker Tilly Ottawa LLP. And she [...]


Volunteer Week Spotlight: Jesika Walker, The Nice Girl

Jesika is a facilitator with the Let's Get Moving program that is held at the Churchill Seniors' Recreation Centre. She is very well-liked by all the participants, and by one woman in particular.


Volunteer Week Spotlight: Linda Tannis, 44 Years of Volunteer Work

Linda is more than a volunteer, she’s family! She has been an invaluable asset to The Dementia Society during the past 19 years, and she shows no sign of slowing down now. She is also celebrating [...]


Volunteer Week Spotlight: Debbie Carpenter, All-Around Asset

Debbie does so many things around the offices of The Dementia Society that we find her indispensable. she is a cheerful, dedicated and wonderful addition to our team!


Volunteer Week Spotlight: Marc Terreau, CMM, CD

Marc, a highly decorated former military officer, is the chair of The Dementia Society's audit committee. He has held that volunteer position for the past 28 years.


Volunteer Week Spotlight: Lorenzo De Franco – Educator, Mediator, and Advocate

Lorenzo is a co-facilitator in a Dementia Society support group, an educator with the Speakers Bureau, and a passionate advocate for people with dementia everywhere.


Volunteer Week Spotlight: Moe Archambault, Architect of Infectious Fun

Moe has a dynamic energy that permeates a room. When she takes out the shakers, the drums, or the paddles, it has an infectious effect on the rest of the group. They cast aside their inhibitions [...]


Caregiver spotlight: Selene Commerford, the best asset a support group ever had

Selene Commerford visits her husband and her mom in the same long-term care facility, where they live one floor apart. Both have dementia.


Elizabeth and Tony Graham: Together They Had it All

The inscription on Tony Graham's mausoleum is about his life with wife Elizabeth. It reads "we didn't have it all together, but together we had it all." And the Grahams did have it all - until [...]

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