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What Science Tells Us About Preventing Dementia

By Anne Tergesen, November 17, 2019 published in the Wall Street Journal There are no instant, miracle cures. But recent studies suggest we have more control over our cognitive health than we [...]


Share in the Warmth

“We have dementia. That’s what they said. We didn’t really know what any of this meant, and that’s where the Dementia Society came in. Everyone in our situation needs to be told – ‘go to this [...]


A Lonely Death in Venezuela

It was likely a massive stroke that killed Mario José, but there is no good way to find out for sure. About ten years ago, he started having mini-strokes, which got more and more severe. [...]


Pauline Schneider: A Dementia Friendly Face

Pauline Schneider has been back in Canada for a little over a year, and has spent the bulk of that year becoming involved with The Dementia Society. She began volunteering in January, doing [...]


Potentially promising Alzheimer’s drug going forward

A drug created by the company Biogen might be able to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. The company initially discontinued work on aducanumab when it started with disappointing [...]


A fundraiser, a memorial, and a wonderful day out for Mirrieme

One of the most beneficial things for a person living with dementia is to remain social. Interacting with other people and having someone to talk to is of the utmost importance, as it makes sure [...]


Motiview, by Miriam

Miriam, who was a volunteer facilitator with the initial run of the Motiview program, shares her thoughts.


We need to talk about Antonio Brown

We need to talk about Antonio Brown. We’re not saying he has dementia. We’re asking – would change your perception of his behaviour if he did? A little recent background for those who may [...]


A story about NOT dementia

After reading that 70% of Canadians with dementia have NOT been diagnosed, a nice young woman sent this to us. She realized that denial, and refusal to get tested, can have ramifications far [...]


Job Opportunity: Dementia Friendly Consultant

Dementia Friendly Consultant Time Commitment: Part time, flexible Supervisor: Director, Clinical Programs and Community Engagement Location: Various locations in Ottawa and Renfrew County Program [...]

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