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A story about NOT dementia

After reading that 70% of Canadians with dementia have NOT been diagnosed, a nice young woman sent this to us. She realized that denial, and refusal to get tested, can have ramifications far [...]


Job Opportunity: Dementia Friendly Consultant

Dementia Friendly Consultant Time Commitment: Part time, flexible Supervisor: Director, Clinical Programs and Community Engagement Location: Various locations in Ottawa and Renfrew County Program [...]


Undetected Dementia in the Community

A literature review and meta-analysis done in 2017 indicated that worldwide, the rate of undetected dementia is about 61%. That means that only 39% of people living with dementia have had a [...]


First Annual Golf For Dementia coming Septemer 7th

I’m at the Chartwell Empress retirement home in Kanata, visiting the Girard family. This is a pretty typical Wednesday afternoon for the Girards. Sue is laid back, enjoying the sun. Sandy [...]


Importance of Supporting the Caregivers of People With Dementia: Megan Swift

We are losing Megan, whose last day as a placement student is today! She is on to bigger and better things – like graduating from Carleton University. On her way out the door, she gave us [...]


Science de la démence: écouter en ligne

Dr. Frank Knoefel présente Science de la démence. Le 11 Juillet, Le Dr. Knoefel nous parle du vieillissement du cerveau et des différents types de démence et donne de l’information sur la [...]


Science of Dementia: Watch Online

Dr. Frank Knoefel presents Science of Dementia. From July 11th, Dr. Knoefel covers the Aging Brain, the various types of dementia, and finishes with some information on research and finding a [...]


Tips on staying safe in the heat

A massive heat wave is headed our way beginning today. A reminder that dehydration is one of the worst things for people with dementia – it can exacerbate their symptoms very quickly. A [...]


Mackenzie Breeze Bone: Dementia advocate from baby to Benefit For Baba

Update: Benefit For Baba 2019 raised more than $3,000, making it the most successful one yet! “You shouldn’t be scared just because his filing cabinet fell over!” Mackenzie [...]


Danielle Barrette-Marcuccio: The Support Group’s Support Group

When her husband John was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) in 2015, it was the first time Danielle Barrette-Marcuccio had ever heard of the disease. Dementia itself was something she [...]

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