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On Demand Learning

Interested in learning more about dementia? Explore the resources below for additional information. Increase your knowledge and understanding of dementia by learning in an environment best suited for your needs

The Science of Dementia

Dr. Frank Knoefel is a dementia expert and a physician at the Bruyère Memory Program, Bruyère Continuing Care. On July 11, 2019, Dr. Knoefel walked us through the aging brain, the various types of dementia, and finishes with some information on research and finding a cure.

Dr Frank Knoefel

Physical Activity, Brain Health and Dementia

There is growing evidence supporting that people can reduce their risk of cognitive decline by adopting key lifestyle habits. This module focuses on the healthy lifestyle habit of physical activity and touches on additional ways to be brain healthy. It is never too early or too late to take steps to keep our brains healthy.

Launch Learning Module

Adjusting to Long Term Care: Moving in and Making the Transition

Moving a family member into a Long Term Care home can evoke many different emotions – including guilt, sadness, relief, or even second thoughts. This online module is designed to follow the transition process of moving a family member into Long Term Care and is presented in three sections: preparing for the move, moving day, and ongoing adjusting.

Watch this series of short videos on transitioning to long term care

Part 1: Preparing for the Move

Part 2: Moving Day

Part 3: Adjusting

Dementia Friendly

Watch this series of short videos demonstrating four simple steps to support a person living with dementia in the community.

Listening Skills

Approach Strategy

Reducing Anxiety

Handling tasks


Watch this series of past webinars.

Spiritual Resiliency

Meaningful Activities

Mindfulness for Caregiver

The Challenge of COVID 19 & Living with Dementia

Advanced Care Plan

Creating an Advance Care Plan allows us to reflect on our values and how they guide care decisions. It guides us to provide direction to our family, friends and professional caregivers so they never need to guess what we want. It brings peace of mind and is a gift our loved ones will appreciate.



A diagnosis of dementia can be challenging for the person living with dementia, their caregivers and family. You can explore more online lessons that have been crafted to give you the information to navigate your journey here (Igericare).
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