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Your Weekly Round-Up

Make a Connection, Take a Break! 

Dementia can be highly isolating and the recent social distancing requirements haven’t helped. Make a Connection, Take a Break is an opportunity for people living with dementia to enjoy a regular, safe visit with a new friend, and take the pressure off family and caregivers for a welcome break.  Follow our 3 simple steps: introduce yourself, connect with us and we will help you to find your way to recharge your batteries. For more information on the program visit us at www.MakeAConnectionTakeABreak.ca 

Se Connecter, Pour Recharger

La démence peut être très isolante et les récentes exigences de distanciation sociale n'ont pas aidé. Se Connecter, Pour Recharger est l'occasion pour les personnes atteintes de démence de rendre visite régulièrement et en toute sécurité à un nouvel ami, et de soulager la famille et les aidants d'une pause bienvenue.  Suivez nos 3 étapes simples : Parlez-nous de vous, établissez un lien avec nous et nous vous aiderons à trouver le moyen de vous ressourcer. Pour plus d'informations sur le programme, visitez notre site: 

The Dementia Society: No Referral, No Wait List, No Fees

The Dementia Society is a community of support for people living with dementia, their caregivers, and families. If you suspect you may have memory troubles, or a family member has recently received a diagnosis, call us.

If you need information about behavioural changes in a person living with dementia – especially now during the pandemic and social isolation—we can help. Or your nerves are frayed and you need someone who will listen and understand. These are all valid questions and needs. Our trained, bilingual Dementia Care Coaches are here to help from 8:30 am – 8 pm Monday-Thursday, and 8:30 am – 4 pm on Friday.

Reach out, because no one should face dementia alone.

La Société de la démence : Aucun besoin de se faire référer. Pas de liste d’attente ni de frais

La Société de la démence soutient les personnes atteintes de démence, et leurs membres de la famille ainsi que les personnes à l’appui. Si vous soupçonnez un défi de mémoire ou si un membre de votre famille a récemment obtenu un diagnostic, sentez-vous à l’aise de nous appeler. Nous sommes là pour vous.

La Société de la démence est là pour vous offrir de l'information sur les défis et les changements qu’une personne atteinte de démence subit. Il est certainement plus pertinent aujourd’hui lors de la période de la pandémie qui augmente les risques de l’isolement social. Nous pouvons vous aider. 

Tout le monde a parfois besoin d’une écoute attentive et de se sentir comprit. Toutes les questions et les besoins peuvent être discutés.

Nous avons des personnes  bilingues spécialisées et formées en démence. Nous sommes là pour vous aider de 8 h 30 à 20 h du lundi au jeudi et de 8 h 30 à 16 h les vendredis.

Your Community of Support Online and In-Person

With support groups not being able to meet in person at this time, we have consolidated in-person groups to the following virtual meetings:

  • Tuesdays:  10:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Wednesdays:  6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Thursdays:  1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Themed support groups will continue to meet once monthly, online. These groups support the needs of:

You can attend as many meetings as you find helpful. Like all our support programs during the pandemic, there are no fees.

You are Invited

We would like to invite you to connect with us on our NEW Facebook Peer Support Community. Specifically designed for caregivers, care partners, and family members supporting someone living with dementia. All you need to do is join the group, you will then be asked a few questions to be confirmed as a group member. 

This private group will help to support you and give you a platform to engage directly with a Dementia Care Coach and peers that are experiencing similar situations. 

Please keep in mind that this group is completely private and only group members and designated Dementia Care Coaches will see your posts and interact with you. 

So join our community to receive support, information, connection, and friendship.  Join Here

Research Opportunities

We See You. We’re here for you. And we’d like to work with you!
As a person living with a diagnosis of dementia, we value your input and want to be sure your voice is included in our program and service design.
If you are interested in sharing your opinions through an email discussion group, focus groups, reviewing proposals, and sharing your experience as a person living with dementia, please contact Dean at dhenderson@dsorc.org, or call 888.889.6002. Commitment and frequency to be determined based on participant interest and availability.

Did You Know?

A Dementia Care Coach provides expert support to improve the quality of life of caregivers, families and people living with dementia. We work with people and families impacted by dementia in all its forms, We provide supportive individual and family counselling to persons with dementia and their caregivers, to support self-management goals and strengthen linkages between providers across the continuum of care.

Dementia Care Coaches work with you at every stage along the dementia journey by providing support, care, and information about dementia. A Dementia Care Coach can support you as you face the challenges of today and tomorrow with improved confidence.  Learn how a Dementia Care Coach could help you here.#AlzheimersAwarenssMonth

Live Events

Mark your calendar for these upcoming FREE LIVE stream events.
Dementia Society live events offer the opportunity for real-time interaction, Q&A with dementia experts, and a direct connection to your community of support.

Thursday, February 4 @ 10 am - First Connections - A 3 part online education sessions for people newly diagnosed with dementia to attend with their care partners. For more information and to register click here.
To register for the afternoon sessions click here.

Jeu., 4 févr.  @ 13:00 -  Premiere Connexion - Une Série éducative en ligne pour les personnes nouvellement diagnostiquées de démence ainsi que leurs partenaires de soins. Pour plus d’informations et pour vous inscrire, cliquez ici.

Monday, February 22 @ 6 pm - Considerations for Long Term Care - This session is intended to guide caregivers through key aspects of the decision making process as they consider whether or not to move their family member in long-term care. A special focus addresses the varied emotions caregivers may experience as they consider their needs and their options. For more information and to register click here.
Tuesday, February 16 @ 10:30 am - Creative Treats - Join our Creative Cards and Crafts online session where our instructor, Brenda Wilson, will teach people living with dementia and their caregivers how to create stunning cards for all occasions! For more information and to register click here.

Tuesday's Let's Get Moving with Bea Alt - Every Tuesday at 1 pm Register here. 

Wednesday's Let's Get Moving Meg Stickle - Every Wednesday at 4 pm Register here.

Monday's @ 10:30 am - Join Musical Connections with Chris White - To register and for more information click here

Tuesday's  @ 3:30 pm - Join Anne for Musical Connections and Joyful Song To register and for more information click here

Every Second Wednesday @ 6:00 pm - Musical Connections - Arabian Tunes - sing both familiar and popular songs, accompanied by the Arabic Music Leader Sam Himmat and the singer Marsil Al Sulaiman.To register and for more information click here.

Thursday's @ 3:30 pm - JoinMusical Connections with the Key to Happiness -To register and for more information click here

Always-On Programming

The Dementia Society offers a wealth of on-demand programming available to you on your own time. Education, entertainment, and dementia-tailored activities are just a click away, when you need and want them.

Family Resiliency. Follow along as Dementia Care Coach Kelly Wilkinson take an educational approach to family resiliency and begin to make a positive change with your own resiliency.
(56 min:37 sec.)Click here to watch this video on our YouTube Channel.

Fidget blankets are a great tool to help manage anxiety and keep you engaged!
Each blanket comes with a variety of buttons, zippers, buckles, and other fun trinkets to keep the hands busy while restoring calm and peace of mind.
Product images courtesy of Hillcrest Stitchery; Special thanks to Hillcrest Stitchery for supporting the Meaningful Activities program.

For the joy of music join in for the Circle of Song, our on-demand music program. Join Jennifer Noxon for a sing-a-long style music program featuring your favourites at any time that suits you. Find her playlist on our YouTube Channel here. Music lifts the spirits and helps us to reminisce.

Get crafty! A series of Arts and Minds classes are now available on the Dementia Society’s YoutTube pageto view them please click here.Pick from (painting, drawing, specific examples) classes to find the instructor-led session that best suits your interests.


Client Story: Bill Hayden

By Alexandra Peach "For a diagnosis, see a neurologist, for the other 99% of your well-being, see the Dementia Society."Bill Hayden, person living with dementia Five years ago, as a multi-tasking senior executive at a life science informatics company, ...

COVID-19 Client Immunization Policy

The Dementia Society loves seeing you at our free events! After successfully moving many programs online at the beginning of the pandemic, we are now reopening some in-person activities and programs in compliance with Ontario’s ...

Give 65 Campaign – July 13-16, 2021

July 13-16 marks the date for the next Give65 Event. Through our partnership with GIVE65, a Home Instead Senior Care Foundation of Canada program, the Dementia Society could benefit from up to $5,000 in additional matching grants. Matching dollars are ...

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