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Alzheimer’s Awareness Month Week 4: Dementia Inclusion and Support

January is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Throughout the month, The Dementia Society will share information about brain health, dementia, its risk factors and prevention, and encourage conversations about the inclusion of people impacted by dementia in our community.

We will be exploring four major themes this month: What is Dementia, Preventing Dementia, Risk Factors for Dementia, and Dementia Inclusion. 

This week’s theme is: Dementia Inclusion and Support.

The stigma around dementia is quite evident in Canada. Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadians would avoid seeking help for as long as possible if they thought they had dementia? One of the reasons is to avoid the associated stigma and embarrassment. 

If you’re an individual or a local business, your actions and approaches contribute in making our community dementia-inclusive. Watch this series of short videos demonstrating simple but effective steps to support a person living with dementia in your neighborhood. 

Change the Story

With support from the Public Health Agency of Canada, The Dementia Society developed an awareness campaign- Stronger Together: Change The Story. The campaign supports increasing awareness about brain health and dementia, reducing stigma and increasing community awareness through our Dementia Inclusive Training. Here’s what we learned. 

We identified the seven most challenging business sectors for people living with dementia:

Workplaces can make minor adjustments so that people living with dementia feel welcome and at ease. Here are some examples. 

Not just businesses and workplaces, but individuals can also contribute to make a community dementia inclusive. Watch this video series to learn simple strategies to increase your awareness about individuals living with dementia and make small yet effective changes that help them feel comfortable.

Dementia Inclusive Playlist

4 Videos

Take the Dementia Inclusive Training 

Communities are stronger when everyone feels included. You, your team, your entire business, or organization can participate in free Dementia Inclusive Training from The Dementia Society. Learn strategies for approaching and communicating to help people living with dementia and their caregivers feel comfortable and welcomed. 

How will you change the story?

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The Dementia Society advocates for and employs an individualized approach to care and always considers the person living with dementia and their unique needs and circumstances.

Connect with a Dementia Care Coach

A Dementia Care Coach provides expert emotional and practical support, and individualized care planning and coordination that improves the quality of life of caregivers, families and people living with dementia.