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Dementia Care Coaches provide compassionate support, tailored coaching, and practical education for caregivers.

A Dementia Care Coach provides expert support to improve the quality of life of caregivers, families and people living with dementia.

Dementia Care Coaches work directly with individuals and families facing dementia—be it Alzheimer’s, vascular, early-onset or any of the 100 forms of dementia—by providing emotional support, practical advice, and teaching strategies to help with decisions and to access care that’s right for each individual facing dementia.

Dementia Care Coaches work with you through every stage of dementia by providing tailored guidance, support, and information about dementia.

A Dementia Care Coach can support you as you face the challenges of today and tomorrow with improved confidence. Dementia is experienced differently by each person and our work seeks to recognize and respond individually to your needs. Over 87% of Dementia Society users* report enjoying multiple benefits as a result of their connection with The Dementia Society. The top benefits reported are:

  • Feeling more knowledgeable about dementia.
  • Know more about services that can help their family member and friends stay well.
  • Feel supported as a caregiver.
  • Feel more confident in their caregiving abilities.

*2023 Dementia Society Client Survey

Learn How to Respond to New Challenges and Situations
Every situation is unique. Let us support you you determine what works best for you and your needs.
Get Support Navigating Healthcare and Social Services
Which resources will be most helpful to you? Let us help you understand how to access and use them.
Dementia Education
Allow us to answer questions you or your family may have about behaviours or symptoms.
Build your network.
No matter what stage you are in, we understand what you may need the most is compassion and understanding.
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Support from a Dementia Care Coach is available by phone, text, email, Web Chat and in-person - in English or French. Our services are always free, supported in part by Ontario Health and community support.

Connect with a Dementia Care Coach today to receive the help you need. No diagnosis required.