Community Stories

Real impact. Real people. Read stories of people living with dementia and their caregivers, volunteers, and donors in your local community.

Community Groups
Individuals Living with Dementia
Irene’s mom, Gail once paid a single hydro bill six different times in a month. This was not just an unusual level of devotion to[...]
Caregivers of Individuals Living with Dementia
Volunteer Stories
Moe has a dynamic energy that permeates a room. When she takes out the shakers, the drums, or the paddles, it has an infectious effect[...]
Volunteer Stories
Rosa Maria Iuliano had her hands full. She was at the Walk For Dementia with her baby daughter Ida, volunteering at the registration table with[...]
Volunteer Stories
The letters after Marc Terreau’s name (known as “post-nominal” letters in Canada) refer to two things. The “CMM” means that Marc has been named a[...]
Volunteer Stories
The Dementia Society’s Education Coordinator, German Chique-Alfonzo’s inspiring journey. German Chique-Alfonzo is optimistic. Cautiously optimistic, but optimistic nonetheless. There will be a lot more bloodshed[...]