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Women's Mind Matters

A learning series centering women's brain health.

Why focus on women’s brain health?


Over the age of 65, women are diagnosed with dementia twice as often as men.


of family caregivers are women.


of paid caregivers are women.

The Dementia Society launched The Women’s Mind Matters initiative to explore the impacts of dementia on women and has been at the forefront raising awareness of women’s brain health and risks for dementia. This webinar series aims to sensitize audiences to the risks of dementia inherent to women, and to share hopeful news and practical tips about preventive measures to reduce the risk of 40% of dementias

Diagnosis of Dementia

Worldwide, the rate of dementia doubles every 5 years after the age of 65, with increasing prevalence after the age of 80.

500,000+ Canadians living with dementia today.

124,000 Canadians diagnosed with dementia every year.

24,000 people living with dementia in Ottawa and Renfrew County. 

65% of Canadians diagnosed with dementia over the age of 65 are women.

Caregiving to Persons Living with Dementia

1 in 5 Canadians have experience caring for someone living with dementia. 

On average a caregiver to a person living with dementia contributes 26 hours a week on care.

Unpaid female caregivers experience more stress than male caregivers.   

January 2020

Proceed with Knowledge – About Women’s Brain Health

The first webinar welcomed Dr. Nafissa Ismail, University of Ottawa Mind and Brain Institute and was hosted by CBC Senior Reporter, Julie Ireton.
The program focused on brain health, dementia risks and sex differences. Dr. Ismail also discussed the difference between a healthy, again brain, and a brain affected by dementia, as well as how memory is formed, forgetfulness and ways to preserve brain health.

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January 2020

March 2022

Dietary Strategies for Better Brain Health

On International Women’s Day 2022, Dr. Aileen Burford-Mason (University of Toronto) discussed dietary strategies to improve women’s brain health. She explained how certain dietary patterns can increase our risk for dementia or brain deterioration, and provided some dietary considerations and supplement recommendations to reduce these risks.

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March 2022

June 2022

Women’s Vascular Health & Risk Factors for Dementia

The webinar featured distinguished cardiologist, Dr. Louise Laramée, speaking  about the heart – brain connection. She shared information about vascular dementia, risk factors, and outlined nine lifestyle modifications to reduce the risk of dementia.

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June 2022

January 2023

Stress and Depression as Risk Factors for Dementia

Psychogeriatric Resource Consultants, Bonnie Daros and Mary Prince, discussed how stress and depression affect women, the signs and symptoms to watch for, and offered practical tips for managing stress and mental wellness.

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January 2023

June 2023

Know Your Risks, Know Your Numbers

Dr. Louise Laramée, MD FRCPC Cardiologist at the Montfort Hospital, is our keynote speaker and will share more, based on her previous presentation in this series, about vascular risk factors for dementia and what we can each do to help prevent dementia.

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June 2023

What do people have to say about Women's Mind Matters?

Women's Mind Matters is an ongoing initiative and more presentations are to come.  

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