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Title Contact Email Phone
Chief Executive Officer Wendy Grimshaw 613-523-4004 ext. 3109
Director of Client Experience, Education and Innovation Dean Henderson 613-523-4004 ext. 3112
Director of Operations Danielle Mulvihill 613-523-4004 ext. 3110
Director of Development and Communications Ken Gorman 613-523-4004 ext. 3104
Title Contact Email Phone
Manager of Finance Vivien Chen 613-523-4004 ext. 3107
Finance Coordinator Alla Mozgova 613-523-4004 ext. 3108
Title Contact Email Phone
Administration Coordinator Kayla Truhlarik 613-523-4004 ext. 3117
Administrative Assistant Meagan Morin 613-523-4004 ext. 3101
Volunteer Coordinator Jesslyn Smith 613-523-4004 ext. 3105
Communications and Marketing Office Annie Thomlinson 613-523-4004 ext. 3153
Title Contact Email Phone
Special Projects Coordinator Lisa Hollingshead 613-523-4004 ext. 3106
Fundraising Coordinator Catini St. Pierre 613-523-4004 ext. 3111

Title Contact Email Phone
Dementia Care Coach (Renfrew County) Caitlin Brydges 613-622-1876 or 1-888-411-2067
Dementia Care Coach (Renfrew County) Audrey Edwards 613-622-1875 or 1-888-411-2067
Dementia Care Coach Cynthia Dewolfe  613-523-4004 ext. 3114
Dementia Care Coach Emily Jerome 613-523-4004 ext. 3121
Dementia Care Coach Misia McCallum 613-523-4004 ext. 3228
Dementia Care Coach Samantha Moir 613-523-4004 ext. 3216
Dementia Care Coach Neil Rozon 613-523-4004 ext. 3123
Dementia Care Coach Hazar Tabban 613-523-4004 ext. 3118
Senior Dementia Care Coach Monique Thibault 613-523-4004 ext. 3124
Dementia Care Coach Kelly Wilkinson 613-523-4004 ext. 3103
Dementia Care Coach Linda Armstrong 613-523-4004 ext. 3152
Education and Program Coordinator German Chique-Alfonzo 613-523-4004 ext. 3115

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