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Part Two: Implementing Your Strategic Plan, Awareness

Building a Resource Directory (Website)

We developed a bilingual website that houses a directory of local dementia-inclusive businesses and service organizations. Dementia613 is a dementia inclusive resource developed to provide the general public with resources supporting living well with dementia.

Resource Directories serve as a one-stop shop for people to view all partner services/resources that might be useful to your audience. It’s important to update as new businesses and service organizations are trained.


Here is a step-by-step process for building a resource directory (website)

Step 1
Design and develop a resource website.
Step 2
Launch the website and connect users to dementia inclusive resources within their community.
Step 3
Maintain the website.
Step 4
Add listings as needed.
Step 5
Incorporate a rating system and testimonials.

As with any new project and process, there are unforeseen challenges. We aim to share the challenges we met and the lessons we learned as a result.

Lessons Learned

Dedicate at least one staff to maintain the website (e.g. follow up with messages from potential clients), as a lot of time goes into developing and maintaining a website.


  • Add a feature for users to send a message or request the addition of their business/service to our website.
  • Categorize resources for better organization and convenience (e.g. section to browse retail stores).
  • Display logos


Throughout The Stronger Together Project, we produced various resources that may be helpful to other organizations.

Online Dementia-Inclusive Resource Directory

Dementia613 Website


Infographic Postcard

Dementia613 Postcard