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Part Two: Implementing Your Strategic Plan, Education

Developing Education Sessions

The Dementia Society offers a variety of educational content in the form of factsheets, presentations, webinars, etc. The goal of dementia education is to provide information that helps expand one’s knowledge and understanding of dementia and brain health.

The Education Team developed partnerships with key stakeholders (Bruyère Memory Program and Bruyère Research Institute) to co-host some sessions.

Dementia Basics:

A series of six sessions where learners can interact with local physicians and allied health professionals about the science of Dementia, research, associated behaviours of dementia and community resources. This series is informed by the latest evidence-based research and practices.


Here is a step-by-step process for developing education sessions.

Step 1
Determine topics that will form part of your educational curriculum.
Step 2
Secure Guest speakers as needed.
Step 3
Advertise your event through social media or your website to create awareness.
Step 4
Create a registration page and have a registration protocol in place.
Step 5
Deliver content and survey learners as needed.

As with any new project and process, there are unforeseen challenges. We aim to share the challenges we met and the lessons we learned as a result.

Lessons Learned

Due to COVID-19, the Education team pivoted from in-person to virtual sessions.


  • Send out reminder emails for events.
  • Update materials regularly to keep current with evidence-based research.

Education Topics

Developing Education Basics


Throughout The Stronger Together Project, we produced various resources that may be helpful to other organizations.

Education Webpage

Dementia Education Resource Page