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Your Weekly Round UP

Your guide to meaningful activities - June 14 - 20


  • lun., 15 juin 2020, 10:00 - Les séances Comprendre la démence de la série éducative Démence-Lien s’adressent aux proches aidants de personnes ayant une démence
  • NEW - Tuesday, June 16 @ 12pm - Fall Prevention: Practical Tips for Caregivers to Reduce the Risk - home environmental safety tips and exercises for fall prevention, as well as how to get up from a fall and ideas for care-giving from a distance.
  • NEW - Thursday, June 18 @ 12pm - Intimacy & Dementia: Can We Still Stay Close? - This webinar will explore our own values and beliefs about intimacy and aging and the relationship between these sensitive topics when we are supporting persons with dementia.
  • NEW - Monday, June 22 @ 5pm - Dementia Basics - A six-part education series that provides an overview of dementia and associated management strategies
  • NEW - Webinar On-Demand - Making the Decision - Accessing Home and Community Care - This webinar is intended to guide caregivers through key aspects of the decision making process as they consider whether or not to move their family member in long-term care.
  • NEW - Episode 1 of the Dementia Prevention Series is live! Presented by uOBMRI What do we know about dementia? What can be done to prevent or delay it? 

Meaningful Activities

  • NEW - Tuesday, June 23 @ 1pm - Online Art Show - Come and see a display of our artists’ favourite pieces of art ONLINE
  • Activity Packages for clients. Activity Packages include a collection of puzzles, games, and activities for someone to enjoy from the comfort of their own home. If you would like to request pickup for an Activity Package. 
  • Virtual Respite Program, where persons living with dementia will have the opportunity to be matched with volunteers for regular virtual visits. Visits can be tailored to each individual’s interests and hobbies, and could take the form of either simple chatting or planned sessions involving music, singing, photo slideshows, or videos. If you are interested in signing up to be matched with a volunteer, please click here to submit your request online.
  • Arts and Minds classes are now on YouTube for on-demand viewing.
  • Circle of Song sing-a-long classes are now on YouTube for on-demand viewing.

Tip of the Week  


NEW - Caregiver Support Groups for June:

  • Caregiver Support Groups for those supporting someone living with dementia in long term care or a retirement home.
  • Click here for upcoming Support Groups in Ottawa. 
  • Click here for upcoming Support Groups in Renfrew County.

Every $1 donated to the Dementia Society in JUNE is an automatic entry - If the Dementia Society wins the grand prize draw, that would mean a $20,000 donation to help support people living with dementia and their caregivers. DONATE

Every $1 donated to the Dementia Society in JUNE is an automatic entry - If the Dementia Society wins the grand prize draw, that would mean a $20,000 donation to help support people living with dementia and their caregivers.


Weekly Round-Up

Your Guide to Meaningful Activities - Aug 2-8, 2020 Education Thursday, August 13 @ 5 p.m. - Fireside Chat: Connecting Older Adults through Technology - Learn about digital literacy skills, technology, and support provided by Connec ...

Take-a-Break Program

The (Virtual and Remote) Take-a-Break program provides access to meaningful activities and social interactions and provides an opportunity for caregivers to take a welcome and regular break from the demands of dementia care—a critical part of ...

Dementia Doesn’t Take a Break, But You Still Can

As a person living with dementia or a caregiver, you know first-hand that dementia never takes a break. And the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly no exception. The Dementia Society is your community of support.  Our programs and services are now available ...

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