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Donor Celebration Event

An Event to Celebrate our Champion Dementia Society Supporters

This event is about celebrating you and how you make facing dementia in our region less isolating and uncertain.

Please join us on Wednesday, April 17 at 5:30 PM at our new Dementia Society Centre to meet other generous friends in our community.

Join us to:

  • Hear from our special guest speaker: As we age, our responsibilities and roles can reshape how we see ourselves. This shift often catches us by surprise, especially when these commitments are long-lasting. In a thought-provoking and pragmatic conversation with Dr. Linda Garcia (professor emeritus with the Faculty of Health Science, UOttawa) Stepping into Possibility will offer insights on maintaining personhood and exploring the possibilities of maintaining personal flourishing while managing the care of other people and responsibilities.
  • Meet our new CEO: Join us to welcome Monique Doolittle-Romas, our new CEO. She is eager to know our keenest supporters.
  • Witness the unveiling of a special donor art commission: We will be unveiling and dedicating an original artwork commissioned by cherished supporters, created specifically to welcome people into our new Dementia Society Centre. Meet the artist, too!
  • Network with like-minded supporters: Connect with others who hold The Dementia Society’s mission close to their hearts, too. This is also a great opportunity to explore the impact you are creating here, in your local community.

Light refreshments will be served. 

Date: Wednesday, April 17

Time: 5:30 PM  – 7:00 PM

Venue: Dementia Society Centre: 2327 St. Laurent Blvd Unit 500, Ottawa, ON K1G 4J8

About Our Special Guest Speaker

Stepping into Possibility with Dr. Linda Garcia

As we age, our responsibilities and roles can reshape how we see ourselves. This shift often catches us by surprise, especially when these commitments last for over a decade. If you take on caregiving or care partner roles, the workload only doubles. The question arises: How does this affect our lives, both collectively and individually? Should we not be concerned about preserving our own identities while navigating the responsibilities of caring for others? Join Dr. Linda Garcia for an engaging and uplifting session focused on:

  • How responsibilities, especially caregiver or care partner roles reshape one’s self-perception and identity.
  • Preserving your personal identity.
  • Maintaining personal flourishing while managing life’s responsibilities.
  • Exploring the universal but complex question— “Who am I?”
  • Significance of positive emotions and meaningful activities in embracing new possibilities.
  • Learning practical tips and developing habits to support your flourish over the years.

Your Homework: Before the event, reflect on “Who are you?.” Jot down 25 words that come to your mind to enjoy this interactive session.

We invite you to join this feel-good discussion on whether caring for someone else should define who we are and explore the possibilities of maintaining personal flourishing amidst your crucial role in your family.

About Dr. Linda Garcia

Linda Garcia, PhD., Professor Emeritus in the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa, is a visionary leader with a rich history of shaping multidisciplinary environments. Co-founder of the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Masters’ program and the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences, she also crafted the vision for the doctoral program in Rehabilitation Sciences. Dr. Garcia’s profound commitment to seniors is evident in her founding of the uOttawa LIFE Research Institute, benefiting over 130 members.

Presently, her focus extends to enhancing the quality of life for seniors, particularly those with neurological disorders like dementia. Through projects in long-term care, air travel for dementia patients, and intergenerational programs, Dr. Garcia remains steadfast in her passion for bringing joy to seniors, regardless of their functional limitations.


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