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Part Two: Implementing Your Strategic Plan, Awareness

Hosting Public Events: Reminiscing Garden

We adopted a guide by the Osgoode Museum to create reminiscing gardens where people living with dementia and their care partners can enjoy nature, sit and reminisce about past times and perhaps help to maintain the garden.

Hosting public events and gatherings, such as creating a reminiscing garden, is a great way to engage with the community and bring people together. We were able to partner with community members to create a social space for those living with dementia, all while raising awareness towards our cause.


Here is a step-by-step process for hosting reminiscing gardens.

Step 1
Determine the location and date for the garden.
Step 2
Find a volunteer to assume the role of Gardening Supervisor – create a design for the garden, gather a list of supplies, contact local businesses for donations, etc.
Step 3
Gather volunteers to assist with obtaining garden supplies and planting.
Step 4
Have a maintenance plan in place – who, when and how.

As with any new project and process, there are unforeseen challenges. We aim to share the challenges we met and the lessons we learned as a result.


  • Have a rain date in mind – we had to reschedule the event in Arnprior due to torrential downpours.
  • Provide a tent for shade during the summer months.
  • Volunteers could be students, seniors, or garden club members. Provide t-shirts or hats for the volunteers as a small token of appreciation.


Reminiscing Garden


Throughout The Stronger Together Project, we produced various resources that may be helpful to other organizations.

Sensory Garden Program by Osgoode Township Museum

Reminiscing Gardens Guide